The PPGF courses are offered every semester, with a 60-hour workload (4 credits), aiming to meet the research domains and research projects of the Master’s and Doctorate students.

In the Master’s Course, the student needs to complete 24 credits in regular courses, in addition to completing Seminar I (defense of thesis project), Seminar II (defense of thesis), proficiency in a foreign language and performing Practice in teaching in a graduation subject under the permanent supervision of the advisor and/or co-advisor.

In the Doctorate course, the student needs to complete 48 credits in regular subjects. For those who have completed the Master’s degree, it is possible to request completed credits up to 50% of the workload required to complete the Doctorate Course, provided that the course has been completed in up to 5 years. In addition to the disciplines, the student needs to comply with the discipline of Seminar I (defense of dissertation project and free subject defense), Seminar II (seminar of dissertation defense), Qualification Examination, Mandatory Teaching Practice (For CAPES, CNPq and FA scholarship holders and optional for non-scholarship students) and proficiency in two foreign languages, with English being a mandatory option and a second language as a free choice.