The Graduate Degree Program in Forest Sciences has the following experimental areas for performing research:

Irati Campus

The Program has experimental areas with plantations of Pinus sp. and Eucalyptus sp., which allows development of research in the research line of planted forest management. It also has a forest nursery where several studies are conducted and possesses the following items: unheated greenhouse; Greenhouse, metal structure and covered by polypropylene plastic and non-suspended beds, with an air-conditioning system controlled by front antechamber and automated irrigation and acclimatization infrastructure in the shade and sunshine rustification.



Irati National Forest (Flona)

The Program also has an on-site laboratory, which is Irati’s National Forest (FLONA), and represents an important space that the Program has available to conduct research within the “Forest Resources Management” theme. The FLONA is located only 15 km from the campus, with a total area of 3,495 hectares, with 1,308.71 ha of planted forests and 1,272.90 ha of native Araucaria forest (mixed ombrophilous forest), as well as floodplain areas, Capoeira, subtropical rain forest and non-forest area. The FLONA is an area without comparison for research, having plantations of Pinus spp., Araucaria angustifolia, among other species, that were implanted and managed since the 1940’s. It also has important fragments of Mixed Ombrophilous Forest which were installed and measured by teachers and students of the Forest Engineering Department and the Program since 2002, with 25 permanent plots that are periodically remediated for monitoring forest dynamics.