The Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Program in Forestry Sciences has as general objective to promote the personnel improvement of higher level with an aptitude for exercising professional activities of teaching and research, as well as to produce and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge for the state of Paraná and to Brazil.

The specific objectives of the Program are to:

  1. Provide scientific training to students, enabling them to develop in the areas of teaching, research and rural extension;
  2. Generate technical-scientific competences in order to accomplish research and teaching practice;
  3. Expand the contribution of the institution in the areas of teaching and research, forming human resources, science and technology of excellence;
  4. Make the faculty able to support new lines of investigation and creation;
  5. Stimulate the development of scientific and technological research through the adequate preparation of researchers;
  6. Develop creativity in students with a focus on scientific and technological areas; and
  7. Contribute to local and regional development through training human resources of excellence and transfer of technologies.

The PPGF pursuit is that the graduate students be able to:

  1. Develop the teaching profession, forming ideas, opinions and transmitting knowledge;
  2. Generate and transfer new technologies for the country’s development;
  3. Act as leaders of research groups; and
  4. Be able to solve local, regional and national problems that can contribute to improving the socioeconomic conditions of society.

In this sense, PPGF provides society with human resources qualified to work in higher education in public and private institutions, in the public and private sector and as researchers committed to the scientific and technological development of the country in the areas of Forestry Sciences.